Max-Sewell, NJ

In July of 2013, I was in desperate need of someone to spend time with my dog for an hour per day while I was at work. A well respected person in the business referred me to All Pawz on Deck. Al Gatti with All Pawz came to my home that evening to meet my dog Max. He was very professional and listened intently to my requests in regard to Max's care. Prior to hiring All Pawz I had used two other dog walking services. The service I have received from All Pawz far surpasses both of them. Al goes above and beyond in his care of Max. After Al's visit with Max he leaves a Pawgress Report for me. The Pawgress Report tells me what Max and Al did during their visit and other essential things I need to know when I arrive home so I can best care for my dog. What I appreciate most about Al is that I can see that he truly cares for Max and his well being. Max and Al are best buddies and look forward to seeing each other. I should also mention that Al also takes care of my two cats and feeds them dinner when he comes in the evening. He takes time to play with both of them (if they both make an appearance) and lets me know how they did on the Pawgress Report. Al is very flexible and has helped me out of many tight spots at a moment's notice. Last summer I was looking for someone to take care of Max and over the past 10 months I have had the privilege to witness a lifelong friendship develop between Max and Al. I highly recommend All Pawz on Deck to any pet owner who is in need of someone to take care of their furry family member.

Opal and Molly-Sicklerville, NJ


Our pet sitter had retired and we were in desperate need of a new, reliable pet service - that's when we found All Pawz on Deck.  After "interviewing" multiple services, we were feeling hopeless, but when Al from All Pawz on Deck arrived, we knew our furry family would be in good hands.  Al immediately connected with our dog Xena and our two cats, Molly and Opal.  And they warmed up to him just as quickly!  From daily medication to cleaning of accidents to daily playful interactions, Al attends to it all.  Additionally, he happily does simple household tasks to help maintain our home when we're away.  His thoughtful emails or texts while we are away also relieve our anxieties and help us to relax, knowing that our "girls" are being well cared for.  We are so happy to have found All Pawz on Deck and Al and are already booking him months in advance.

Enzo-Mullica Hill, NJ

We hired All Pawz on Deck, actually our dog Enzo hired  them. We let him pick his dog sitter...they say animals can tell a lot about people and he picked a good one.
Al went above and beyond... In addition to feeding, walking and playing with Enzo... He took the trash out to the curb, got our mail and cleaned up the yard.
We got videos and texts when we were away and when we got home there was a Pawgress report of what occurred daily too!!
I recommend him highly!! He loves animals and is truly the "dog whisperer"!

Leo and Gracie-Clementon, NJ


After a hectic week after vacation I came back and Gracie and Leo were very happy to see me.  I knew you took good care of them while I was away because they were nice and calm like I never left.  Al even let me keep his laser light which my cats love!!! He always kept me informed with texts and pictures of my furry kids each visit.   He even got the mail, took the trash out, and  took care of the house while I was away.  Al did such a great job that I even scheduled pet sits for my vacation a year in advance. 


George - Sewell,


My fiance and I just moved to Sewell in June. We bought our first house, and

two months later, we brought home an amazing yellow lab pup who we named

George! Everything was perfect except for the fact that both of us work full-time,

and our schedules overlap during the course of the day. The need for a dog-

walking service was apparent. We were nervous about having a stranger in our

new home, and also worried about the fact that George was only 9 weeks old at

the time. So began the search.. We compared several different services in the

area and contacted them for more information. Some replied by email, some not

at all, and Al from All Pawz On Deck called us to see if we'd like him to come

over for a "Meet and Greet" first. We were extremely hopeful, as he seemed

very friendly and outgoing on the phone, and also replied so promptly.

The next day, Al met George, and we met Al. The stresses of our situation

were lifted immediately, as we knew right away… This was our guy! George

loved him.

That was four months ago. Since August, George has grown 45lbs and is a

happy and healthy pup. All Pawz On Deck has helped this process by being able

to be here for George when we can't be. Sometimes things come up and our

schedules change. Al is always willing to stop by and take care of George on

short notice. We feel safe and secure knowing that someone is here to love and

care for George when we're not able to.

Al from All Pawz On Deck goes above and beyond the call of duty. Not only

has he formed a great bond with our dog, and proven to be an extremely

trustworthy person, but he also will do things like send us text pictures of George

having a blast during the visits! We were ecstatic! So much stress was relieved

by this alone. He even brings in the trashcans on trash day when he is here. (oh

yea, and also cleaned up any "messes" George happened to make in those early


Basically, Al has become indispensable in our lives. We are so grateful to

have found


Thanks again to Al for all your help!

-Janie, John and George




All Pawz on Deckis  - A Part of our Family!


Al from All Pawz on Deck have been taking care of our two pets for almost a year now.  We consider Oreo (our tuxedo cat) and CAKE (our princess pit-bull) as members of our family.  Al takes such good care of our pets, that we feel like he is an extended member of the family as well.


We utilize the services provided by APoD very often.  Al comes by for walks nearly every day, and also very frequently has "overnights", staying with CAKE and Oreo while we are away.  Al does a wonderful job taking care of our pets, but some specific aspects that we really think Al provides exceptional job:



  • Understanding and addressing the specific challenges of our pets

  • Providing tremendous flexibility with our schedules, especially when they change last minute

  • Contacting us promptly if any issues emerge, or just to say all is well

  • Leaving thorough and entertaining feedback from the visits and overnights.  We love the "Pawgress Reports" every day!

  • Fair pricing, accurate billing, and easy payment

  • Showing care and comfort for our pets, just as if they were his own



It's hard to imagine our "Pet Management" world without all of the help we get from Al and All Pawz on Deck.  We strongly recommend that anyone in search of a Pet Walker/Sitter/Friend should consider All Pawz on Deck.


Gene, Danielle, Oreo and CAKE








If you have a dog and love your dog as much as I do and want the best Al is for you.  He’s always on time always texts, sends, pics, takes trash out on his own, and brings in mail or anything outside in for me.  Most importantly life gets in the way. On numerous occasions I’ve had to call or text Al hey I’ve got a problem can you come let the dog out I’m in a jam. Life happens work, traffic, holidays, or whatever the case maybe Al has been right there on the spot.  I use AL 5 days a week my dog loves him wouldn’t know what to do with out him during the week. This is a real testimony I’m a real customer not a friend not a family member.  I don’t know Al from a hole in the wall.  But after meeting him and how my dog responded to him you have all his info plus his personal address in which my opinion in todays world takes a lot of you know what lol . He’s licensed and bonded has a contract.  This guy actually cares about his business and most important your animal so I hope anyone who reads this will give Al a chance to show you how great of a guy he is and how his business can be a great asset to your life so your not worried bout your pet through the day and peace of mind






Juliet, Blckwood

I want to comment on what a great petsitting service All Pawz on Deck is. Al has taken care of my pets for over one year on a daily basis, when I have a job. I love that he takes pictures and sends them to me. I like the pawgress reports. I love that he really seems to love what he does and he takes good care of my animals, walking my dog Juliet when he visits. He is also available on short notice which has been a lifesaver to me. Thanks Al. You do a great job.




I have two Jack Russell Terriers, Jake and Molly.  When they were young we would put them in a kennel if we went away. But as they aged and Molly became blind.  We decided that we could no longer put them in a kennel so it became difficult to depend on family to help out and then someone told us about Al.


It was great to find someone that is so good and caring with the dogs as well as being trustworthy.  I love that he text's me and sends me pictures when he is visiting the dogs.  They love him to.  It is so nice to have peace of mind when you are away.  


Thank you Al from Joan, Jake, and Molly your the best !!!!!






LUCY, PIPER, HARRY Woodbury gang

In November, I took my first big adult step, bought a home and moved out on my own....... well, as on your own as you can be with 3 dogs. I work 2 full time jobs and these little crazies were not used to being crated and alone for long periods of time so it became apparent I needed a dog walker. I was hesitant about allowing a stranger into my home and introducing someone new to my dogs. But after speaking with him briefly on the phone, I had a good feeling about Al.  He was forewarned about my crazies and the second he walked through my front door, he embraced that crazy as if he knew and had loved them for years. I knew, just watching that interaction between him and them, that he was it.  I look at my crazies as if they are my children and have an expectation of others to treat them the same way. No problem with Al.  Instant love and kisses and belly rubs. Instant connection.  Al was perfect. Since his initial visit, my crazies have had the pleasure of Al's care and affection for months. He has bailed me out of last minute jams and dealt with numerous sudden cancellations with grace. His professionalism is never ending. He takes the time to care for your home and attempt to rectify any issues you might have so the only thing you need to focus on when you return is your pets.  The pictures and text updates are fantastic and I love seeing the crazies having fun from all sorts of angles.  Al really gets down on the floor and into his job, nose to nose and plays with them. Just recently, I went away for a weekend trip and installed a camera in my home to observe my pups and my house sitter.  What I saw and what they went through was horrifying to me. I called Al and he was there, caring for my babies, within the hour, reassuring me that they were fine and giving me a run down on my home so I'd have no unpleasant surprises. There was never any doubt that I could trust him to come through for them. He was my immediate thought when I knew the crazies needed help. He spent, voluntarily, extra time with them that he didn't need to just so they could play and stretch their legs, and be happy and loved again.  He saved my day. He definitely saved theirs.  I will recommend Al and All Pawz On Deck to anyone looking for personal, professional, trustworthy care with the added touch of being treated like family.  I don't know what I and the crazies would do without Al.  We will never be able to thank him enough. 


After many unsuccessful attempts at finding a competent dog sitter, I finally found Al with All Pawz on Deck. Now that I found him I don’t know what I’d do without him! I have a very difficult Pitbull with many rules associated with his care. As I’ve witnessed in the past, not all dog sitters are up for the challenge. Al does amazing with him!!  He cares about my dog like it’s his own pet. I know my dog loves playing with him while I’m away because he sends me pictures daily. He even leaves a “Pawgress Report” with every visit so I know exactly what they did that day. I trust him completely to take great care of my dog while I’m at work and away on vacation. Thank you so much Al!



The time had come for me to find a "serious" pet sitter when I went on vacation a couple of years ago. My cats needed daily medication and I couldn't ask neighbors to assume that responsibility for an entire week. So I asked a friend for a recommendation. That's when I met Al.

Simply put, Al and Allpawzondeck allow me to enjoy my vacations providing peace of mind knowing my kids, Ricky and Lola, are being well cared for.  Truth be told, Al pampers my cats way more than I do just to be sure they eat and drink the way they should. They are older, beyond finicky, and require medication but Al has it all under control. In fact, I think Lola’s has a crush on him! I love that Al sends me texts and pictures of his visits so that I don't miss my babies as much when I'm gone. With Al, I am confident that my home is safe, my mail is taken in, the trash is taken out, and my kids are well taken care of. He even leaves me written reports of his visits I can review when I get home.  I cannot recommend Al and Allpawzondeck highly enough.  He is a true animal and people lover who will "do whatever it takes" to get the job done


nicole, mullica hill



I was in need of someone to take care of my mature furry friend so I could go visit family. He has needs as most seniors do and I wanted to find someone who was able to administer his medications and give him the attention he deserved. That is when I spotted my savior from above. Al's CAR was at a neighbors house and I quickly took down the information and contacted him. On Al's initial visit my older guy took to him for which he is very finicky on who he meets and greets. This sealed the deal for me. I knew I would be able to go away(guilt free) and know he was in the best of hands. Al was great in sending me updates and pictures. I know Shy one was cared for and he now has a new friend named Al. Thanks for everything!!! Will be in touch in the future.



                 BLACKWOOD, NJ

We count the day our daughter, one of Al's regular clients, introduced us to Al and his excellent service as one lucky day for us and our beloved pets.  Our dog, Rosie, LOVES Al.  She gets so excited and happy when she sees him come to the door.  Our cats, Norman, Harry and Sadie greet him like their old friend.  Nothing is too much trouble for Al.  All the animals are happy and well-fed when we arrive home.  Our mail is waiting for us on the kitchen table.  Everything is in order and we get to see pictures of our pets every day while away.  Rosie really loves her daily walks and the cats love chasing the laser light.  Al is always easy to reach and very accommodating to the needs of our family.  Thank you, Al, for all that you do for us!  Fran and Kevin



My wife and I both work full time jobs and we felt that 10 hours was too long for the cats, Henry and Ariana, to be left alone with no food. When we left food out they would overeat and puke it up. So then we tried an automatic feeder which was helpful but one day the power went out while we were away for the weekend and they were very hungry. I called our closest relative but she could not get in through the garage since there was no power to the garage door. That was the last straw for me so I went a googling and came across Al’s MOTHER AND LAW who didn’t service my area but she recommended Al to me as he lives right around the corner. It’s been about a year now and every time we leave our cats for a couple of days, we know Al will come over to feed them and play with them. He has a key and the garage door codes and said that if all else failed he would climb through a basement window if he needed to in order to feed the cats. Fortunately the key has worked when the power fails and my cats are fat and happy. Al always sends us text updates with pictures of the cats in some very creative set ups. Sometimes I wonder “did he crawl under the table to get that perfect picture?” And as one might expect with all these power outages, there were problems with our pool which we were able to talk Al through it while we were in another country and he saved it from turning green. This guy does it all, what else can I say? I never worry about leaving my home anymore because I know Al will look after it and its furry residents like they are his own.



I started using Al in November of 2017 after my prior dog walker moved from the area. The moment I met him, I knew right away that he would be a great fit for my dog Roxy! She took to him! I’ve had other dog walkers in the past from other companies and couldn’t rely on them. Al has been very flexible with my schedule as there are days I have to work late and some days I get home early. Most companies want you to pick certain days and there is no flexibility whatsoever. I also have a cat and he makes a big fuss over him too! I know I can trust that he will take good care of my dog. He texts me and takes a picture of her each visit which is very reassuring! I believe he is one of the best in the area and I’m very thankful to have found him! Thank you Al for all you do!

Dodge and Daisy

In December of 2016, I was looking for a new dog walker to help me walk my two kids(dogs).  I found Al on Craigslist and he came and did a visit with dodge and daisy, it took me all of two minutes to realize that Al was the one to walk my dogs, actually it was dodge who made the decision for me, my dogs instantly fell in love with Al, and I must say that I agree with them. Al has been nothing short of the best for my two fur kids, and he does exactly what I needed him to do for them, that was to give them exercise they needed while I was at work, and did he exercise them. I would love getting the daily pictures of my two dogs laying on the floor in the house with their tongues hanging out of their mouths. Fast forward until February of 2018, my oldest boy dodge was limping and not able to do the full walks, so Al would take daisy out and do his normal routine with her and then come back and take dodge on his old man walk, well towards the end of February, dodge was diagnosed with bone cancer in his right knee, I’m thank god that I had a person like Al being there in the daytime when I was at work taking care of dodge and daisy as if they were his own. When the time came to put dodge down, I owed it to Al to let him know that what was about to come. He came on the day before, and laid beside dodge, to say his goodbyes to him. Al loved my dogs as much as I do, and I will forever be grateful for him helping out in one of the worse times a pet owner could ever have. Now he’s got my daisy to still deal with, who waits for him at the top of the stairs, and I could never want anyone else to do so. He’s been a blessing to my dogs and I’m grateful that I know he’s there to walk them, whenever I ask, even last minute. 

Bruce, Murphy, No Good, and Pistol Pete

(Deptford Boys)

Al is a saint!

If you’re looking for someone who will

Love your pets more than you could possibly do (and believe me it’s hard to even think this is possible), All Pawz on Deck is the way to go. Al goes above and beyond just the norm of dog walking. He provides pictures, texts, live updates and is the most caring person you’ll meet in the industry. We’ve been using Al for quite some time now for our 100 pound German Shepherd and our boy loves Al. We recently got married in October and Al was the first person I thought of for reassurance and care while we were away for 2.5 weeks. He sent us daily/nightly updates and it just made our stay away from our furbabies so much easier. He is very observant and reliable. There are little things that we’ve requested only one and he remembers everything. He is amazing and we are so very grateful for All Pawz on Deck 



Hi Fur families,

My husband and I move to Woodbury NJ in August of 2017.  We needed someone to care for our fur babies while we went on a holiday trip.  We have Tali our very fluffy cat and two bunnies Spike and Bella. 

Our realtor referred us to Al and the rest is history.  A little history for you with our experience with Al.  It has been great! 

We were planning a trip to VA to see our boys for the holidays and right before we left Tali got sick.  I had taken her to the Vet (which was referred by Al, Winslow Animal Hospital).  After x-rays, bloodwork, ultrasound, stimulation feeding and numerous trips to the vet she was doing ok, not great but ok.  We decided to go on our trip.  I filled Al in, and he was like we will be fine. Al texted me and called me and said she just wouldn’t eat.  He was worried she would get dehydrated.  So, I called the vet and off to the vet Al and Tali went.  (Yes, Al took our fur baby to the vet) Al called me while he was in with the vet, relayed some information and then let me talk to the vet.  We decided to give her fluids and continue trying the stimulation until Mom and Dad could get home.  We cut our trip short for our fur baby.  I was torn.  I wanted to stay and visit with my boys, but I didn’t want our Tali cat to get worse.  Al was great.  He took as good a care of her as we would have.  We are very thankful to have Al. 

When we got home, we had a pitiful little girl.  A trip back to the vet on a Saturday when the Winslow head vet was there, and he was like I think she has an air bubble in her stomach.  He said massage her belly keep giving her the stimulant and come back in a week.  We did and she was much better.  She gets Daddy to massage her belly a lot now.  I think she just likes it now. 

Anyone looking for someone to love and care for your pet the way you do, you have found him Al Gatti is your fur babies’ friend. 

Al will also bring in the mail and any packages you have delivered.  I didn’t know he would do that and the first time we came home from a trip I checked the mail and was like there was no mail to my husband.  He said Al brought it in and its all piled neatly on the table.  Surprise! 

Thank you Al.  From our fur family, Terry, Kelly, Tali, Spike and Bella. 

                           COCONUT  SICKLERVILLE, NJ

We are so happy we found Al with All Pawz on Deck! We had a bad experience with a previous dog walker and were doubtful that we would find someone to take really good care of our dog Coconut while we were at work. We needed someone to spend time with her, give her some exercise, and tire her out. That’s why we were so happy to find Al! Al came over to the house to meet us and our dog Coconut, and took the time to learn about her needs and preferences. Coconut does not like to go for walks but LOVES to play ball. Every day Al comes over and plays ball with Coconut until she’s all tired out. We get pictures of our happy girl and we feel peace of mind knowing she is getting a lot of good exercise but also having fun. My husband and I have been home a time or two when Al came over, and just seeing how excited Coconut is when he comes in reassures us that Al is definitely the right guy for our pup! In addition to taking exceptional care of Coconut, Al also brings in our packages off the front step and takes in the trash cans off the street! When it’s wet or raining outside he even makes sure to dry Coconut and her paws off before she comes in. We could not imagine our lives without Al and All Pawz on Deck and highly recommend him!

Thank you, AL!

Brian, Julia, & Coconut 






















We feel so lucky to have discovered Al, at All Paws On Deck. Bella and Charlie took to him right away when he came to our house for his first visit/consultation and although Bella loves just about everybody, Charlie is the exact opposite and Al won him over in no time! Since then, they have cherished his visits, where for the half hour he's with them, he gives them everything they love most: a nice walk, attention and food if his visit coincides with feeding time! Al has been a valuable asset for us since we moved to Woodbury 3 years ago - always extremely reliable, trustworthy and just a warm, respectful person who has shown real care and compassion for our dogs. I highly recommend Al and All Paws On Deck to any pet owner who loves their animals as much as we do and wants to ensure their dog-sitter/walker treats them as they would, themselves.

                           JESSIE, SICKLERVILLE NJ

Two years ago I moved to the area with my golden retriever Jessie. I work in retail and have very sporadic hours . I inquired at my vet about dog walkers , which is how I met Al. 

I have to say Al is the most accommodating person I have ever met. Each week I have to give him a different schedule and he somehow always Manages to make it work.

What I love most about Al is the daily picture he sends me of Jessie and the report of how she is doing for the day .

Jessie and I would highly  recommend Al to every animal owner  



Al has been pet sitting for us for over 3 years. We have been through a lot with him. He has helped care for our 2 dogs and our cat and he has seen it all!  Our dog Bessie passed away after living her whole life with juvenile diabetes. Al was willing and able to do whatever was needed for her. He administered her insulin shots when he came for pet visits and was always very attentive to her needs. As she started to fail at the end of her life, he took care of her when she was sick as well and cleaned up after her accidents without thinking twice about it. 

Bessie’s brother Bailey is still with us and he loves Al. He has anxiety issues and is deathly afraid of fireworks and thunder. Once again, Al is compassionate and caring and always tries to give special attention to Bailey when there is a storm.  We can tell Bailey really loves Al and has a special bond with him. 

Al also cares for our cat as needed and never gives up trying to get her to like him even though she is a bit skittish and aloof!

Al is always willing to do whatever is needed when he pet sits for us. If we are on vacation, he waters our plants, brings in the mail, etc. He also watches our grand dog Dory the pitbull whenever our son and saughter in law need help when they go away.  Dory also loves Al. We feel so fortunate to have such a conscientious, attentive, skillful person to care for our pets when we are not around and we recommend him to everyone


                          INDY  MANTUA NJ

Al is the best! He takes great care of our pup and our home. Indy had some stomach issues once while we were away and Al was wonderful about it - cleaned up inside, kept us informed, and offered to take him to the vet right away. We knew that our dog was in great hands even though we couldn't be there. Al always sends pictures, confirms when he gets to our house and when he leaves, and gives us updates on his visit with Indy. We're so happy that we have someone who knows what they are doing and truly cares about our dog!