Max-Sewell, NJ

In July of 2013, I was in desperate need of someone to spend time with my dog for an hour per day while I was at work. A well respected person in the business referred me to All Pawz on Deck. Al Gatti with All Pawz came to my home that evening to meet my dog Max. He was very professional and listened intently to my requests in regard to Max's care. Prior to hiring All Pawz I had used two other dog walking services. The service I have received from All Pawz far surpasses both of them. Al goes above and beyond in his care of Max. After Al's visit with Max he leaves a Pawgress Report for me. The Pawgress Report tells me what Max and Al did during their visit and other essential things I need to know when I arrive home so I can best care for my dog. What I appreciate most about Al is that I can see that he truly cares for Max and his well being. Max and Al are best buddies and look forward to seeing each other. I should also mention that Al also takes care of my two cats and feeds them dinner when he comes in the evening. He takes time to play with both of them (if they both make an appearance) and lets me know how they did on the Pawgress Report. Al is very flexible and has helped me out of many tight spots at a moment's notice. Last summer I was looking for someone to take care of Max and over the past 10 months I have had the privilege to witness a lifelong friendship develop between Max and Al. I highly recommend All Pawz on Deck to any pet owner who is in need of someone to take care of their furry family member.

Opal and Molly-Sicklerville, NJ


Our pet sitter had retired and we were in desperate need of a new, reliable pet service - that's when we found All Pawz on Deck.  After "interviewing" multiple services, we were feeling hopeless, but when Al from All Pawz on Deck arrived, we knew our furry family would be in good hands.  Al immediately connected with our dog Xena and our two cats, Molly and Opal.  And they warmed up to him just as quickly!  From daily medication to cleaning of accidents to daily playful interactions, Al attends to it all.  Additionally, he happily does simple household tasks to help maintain our home when we're away.  His thoughtful emails or texts while we are away also relieve our anxieties and help us to relax, knowing that our "girls" are being well cared for.  We are so happy to have found All Pawz on Deck and Al and are already booking him months in advance.

Enzo-Mullica Hill, NJ

We hired All Pawz on Deck, actually our dog Enzo hired  them. We let him pick his dog sitter...they say animals can tell a lot about people and he picked a good one.
Al went above and beyond... In addition to feeding, walking and playing with Enzo... He took the trash out to the curb, got our mail and cleaned up the yard.
We got videos and texts when we were away and when we got home there was a Pawgress report of what occurred daily too!!
I recommend him highly!! He loves animals and is truly the "dog whisperer"!

Leo and Gracie-Clementon, NJ


After a hectic week after vacation I came back and Gracie and Leo were very happy to see me.  I knew you took good care of them while I was away because they were nice and calm like I never left.  Al even let me keep his laser light which my cats love!!! He always kept me informed with texts and pictures of my furry kids each visit.   He even got the mail, took the trash out, and  took care of the house while I was away.  Al did such a great job that I even scheduled pet sits for my vacation a year in advance. 

Heading 2

Jessie    Sicklerville, NJ

Two years ago I moved to the area with my golden retriever Jessie. I work in retail and have very sporadic hours . I inquired at my vet about dog walkers , which is how I met Al. 

I have to say Al is the most accommodating person I have ever met. Each week I have to give him a different schedule and he somehow always Manages to make it work.

What I love most about Al is the daily picture he sends me of Jessie and the report of how she is doing for the day .

Jessie and I would highly  recommend Al to every animal owner


We feel so lucky to have discovered Al, at All Paws On Deck. Bella and Charlie took to him right away when he came to our house for his first visit/consultation and although Bella loves just about everybody, Charlie is the exact opposite and Al won him over in no time! Since then, they have cherished his visits, where for the half hour he's with them, he gives them everything they love most: a nice walk, attention and food if his visit coincides with feeding time! Al has been a valuable asset for us since we moved to Woodbury 3 years ago - always extremely reliable, trustworthy and just a warm, respectful person who has shown real care and compassion for our dogs. I highly recommend Al and All Paws On Deck to any pet owner who loves their animals as much as we do and wants to ensure their dog-sitter/walker treats them as they would, themselves.

        Bailey, Bessie, Mika, and Dory

Al has been pet sitting for us for over 3 years. We have been through a lot with him. He has helped care for our 2 dogs and our cat and he has seen it all!  Our dog Bessie passed away after living her whole life with juvenile diabetes. Al was willing and able to do whatever was needed for her. He administered her insulin shots when he came for pet visits and was always very attentive to her needs. As she started to fail at the end of her life, he took care of her when she was sick as well and cleaned up after her accidents without thinking twice about it. 

Bessie’s brother Bailey is still with us and he loves Al. He has anxiety issues and is deathly afraid of fireworks and thunder. Once again, Al is compassionate and caring and always tries to give special attention to Bailey when there is a storm.  We can tell Bailey really loves Al and has a special bond with him. 

Al also cares for our cat as needed and never gives up trying to get her to like him even though she is a bit skittish and aloof!

Al is always willing to do whatever is needed when he pet sits for us. If we are on vacation, he waters our plants, brings in the mail, etc. We feel so fortunate to have such a conscientious, attentive, skillful person to care for our pets when we are not around and we recommend him to everyone!

                               INDY Mantua, NJ
Al is the best! He takes great care of our pup and our home. Indy had some stomach issues once while we were away and Al was wonderful about it - cleaned up inside, kept us informed, and offered to take him to the vet right away. We knew that our dog was in great hands even though we couldn't be there. Al always sends pictures, confirms when he gets to our house and when he leaves, and gives us updates on his visit with Indy. We're so happy that we have someone who knows what they are doing and truly cares about our dog!

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